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Volume profile and fake volumes

A simple metric to detect suspicious trading activity in cryptomarkets

The recent spike in bitcoin price has made it possible to create another metric to detect suspicious trading volume based on intraday profile and 24h volume change — Gemini, Bitbank, CEX, Bitfinex, itBit, Coinbase Pro, Liquid, Kraken, and Bitstamp are among the most trustworthy crypto exchanges.

The spike in bitcoin price on the 2nd April 2019 has also led to the dramatic increase in trading volumes: from around $10 billion a day prior to the spike to over $20 billion during the next couple of days. Although the initial price movement allegedly started on a few exchanges, the arbitrageurs did their job well by pushing the price higher and trading with resting orders on other exchanges. In addition, the uncertainty about future BTC price has sparked the interest among investors and traders, which in turn has added to the increased trading volume.

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